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NEXT MEETING                                                                                 NEXT MEETING
January 17, 2006                                                                                La Casa 7:30 a.m.


At the Club’s meeting this Wednesday, Police Officer Tim Probst will give a talk to the Club about extra work he does as part of the City’s Community Policing efforts, including the “Operation Clean Sweep” initiative.  I hope you can attend and learn about some positive things benefiting the community’s youth going on right here in Waukesha! 

The Second Quarter SWIS District Optimist Conference does not exist.  Seriously!  This year for the first time, instead of a conference there shall be a meeting for Club Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretary/Treasurers on February 17, 2007, at the Madison Holiday Inn West.  For more information click the SWIS District link from our website at 


The last meeting got off to a rocky start, as La Casa was not prepared for us.  We’ve been informed that the restaurant manager and lead wait staff person both fell ill on the day of the meeting.  The meeting moved to the Kalypso Restaurant, where Jim Piala gave a presentation on his antique gun collection.  Thanks Jim, for an informative speech given in less-than-perfect circumstances. 


Don’t forget to give Andy LaVoi your nut sales proceeds!  He’ll take checks and cold, hard cash!  Also, now that the holiday season has ended it’s time to clear out the rest of the inventory.  If everyone could purchase one additional box at a reduced price, it would help considerably.  Feel free to keep selling too, if you can!   

After-the-Holidays Discounted Prices are as follows: 

30 oz Mixed nuts:  $25.00
20 oz Mixed nuts:  $17.00
30 oz Cashews:  $26.00
20 oz Cashews:  $18.00


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