Cross Country Run

The Waukesha Optimists sponsor a Cross Country Run for sixth-graders attending school in the Waukesha Area.  The Run is held every October at Waukesha West High School and is administrated by Al Sapa.









Cross Country Run
Grade School Swim Meet
Pumpkin Carving Contest
Oratorical Contest
Youth Appreciation
Respect for Law Award
Tri-Star Basketball
Student of the Month
Firefighter of the Year


Basics: There are 4 "heats" held in the run, separated by school size and gender.  The top 15 runners in each heat receive a trophy.  Ribbons and other awards are given out to runners in each heat as well.  Trophies are also awarded to participating schools based on performance.  Each participant in the Run gets a tee shirt commemorating the event. 

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